The nursery is open to the public Monday to Saturday, 7am to 5pm. Is advisable to make an appointment. Pictures, availability lists and online orders are all great, but plants are living beings and thus nothing can ever beat looking at them live.

In addition a visit to the nursery can help to understand the real potential of succulent gardens in the Mediterranean. In the exposition garden is possible to observe the natural behavior and the landscape potential of different species. You will meet and engage with large plants that are freely following their tendencies and have been growing with us through the years. They are mother plants, and provide the seeds that turn into seedlings and grow into global travellers. Mother plants give a past to Vivai Cuba’s future and a future to its past. They have individual histories that intersect with ours, and sculptural forms forged by time, weather, and people across generations. In the garden, sustainability shows its beautiful face, and the rich diversity of succulents builds an unpredictable landscape and a novel ecosystem that speak of all continents with one voice.

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  • by Alessandra Mauri Posted 4 Agosto 2019 7:48 pm

    Buongiorno. Mi confermate la chiusura del vostro vivaio alle 17? Grazi e cordialità.
    Alessandra Mauri

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